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The following are selected club activities. Click on a thumbnail for photographs taken at these activities and more information.

Lowbrow School Visits   Lowbrow School Visits

Lowbrows Help Scouts With Merit Badges (2008)   Lowbrows Help Scouts

The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum (2007)  Astronomy Weekend 2007

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Great Space Adventures Day (1999-2001). Matthaei Botanical Gardens (August 5, 2000). Photos from Angell Hall Planetarium (November 2005). University of Michigan Exhibit Museum of Natural History, Space Discovery Day (December 2007). International Year of Astronomy 2009 Events (January through April 2009). University of Michigan Exhibit Museum of Natural History, Cosmic Discovery Day (December 2010).

Saturday Morning Physics   Saturday Morning Physics

Any Clear Night Observers (ACNO)   ACNO

Venus Transit 2004   Venus Transit

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Mercury Transit 1999 Venus Occultation 2001 Leonids 2001 Mercury Transit 2006 Partial Solar Eclipse 2012 Venus Transit 2012

Open Houses at Peach Mountain   Open Houses at Peach Mountain

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The McMath 24” Telescope Observatory Maintenance ATM Group (2000)

Observatories   Observatories

Club Meetings   Club Meetings

Brown Jug   Brown Jug

Kensington Metropark 1996-1999  Kensington 1996-1999

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Kensington 2000. Kensington 2001. Kensington 2002. Kensington 2003. Kensington 2004. Kensington 2005. Kensington 2006. Kensington 2007. Kensington 2008. Kensington 2009. Kensington 2010.

Island Lake   Island Lake

Great Lakes Star Gaze 2005   Great Lakes Star Gaze 2005

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Great Lakes Star Gaze (2007) Saline Star Party (May 2009).

Astrofest 2000   Astrofest 2000

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Astrofest 2001. Astrofest 2002. Astrofest 2003.

Black Forest Star Party   Black Forest Star Party

Texas Star Party 2001   Texas Star Party 2001

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The Okie-Tex Star Party (2007). The Okie-Tex Star Party (2009, Christopher Sarnecki). The Okie-Tex Star Party (2009, Donald R. Fohey).

Mark Vincent’s Travels   Mark Vincent’s Travels

Other Photos   Other Photos

Photos Organized by Club Member   Photos Organized by Club Member

NewLowbrow Blog   Lowbrow Blog

Astrophotos   Astrophotos


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