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The Sixth Annual “Astronomy at the Beach” (Kensington Metropark), Part 1 of 2, May 17-18, 2002

The following photographs were taken at “Astronomy at the Beach,” Kensington Metropark (located near Brighton, Michigan), Friday May 17, 2002. Other photographs can be found by following the links at the bottom of this page.

Rider's Hobby Shops

Rider’s Hobby Shops

Rider’s Hobby shop had an assortment of astronomy equipment set up (to look at or purchase).

Dennis and Deborah

Dennis and Deborah Jozwik

Mike and his Comet

Mike and his “Comet”

Mike (Kensington Metropark Staff Member, on the left) demonstrates how to make a comet using dry ice and common household ingredients. Afterwards, he shows the comet to visitors.

Our Vanishing Night

Our Vanishing Night

Tom Kasper (on the right, from the Eastern Michigan University Astronomy Club) gave a talk on light pollution entitled “Our Vanishing Night.” Tom demonstrates some concepts to two young volunteers.

Rider's Hobby Shops #2

Rider’s Hobby Shops #2

Al Bates

Al Bates

Al Bates (on the right, from the Ford Amateur Astronomy Club) demonstrates his digital camera.

Tom Kasper

Tom Kasper

Tom Kasper (center, facing right, from the Eastern Michigan University Astronomy Club) lets visitors look through a telescope.

Rare Astronomical Events

Rare Astronomical Events

Dr. Mateo (professor at the University of Michigan Astronomy Department) gave a talk entitled “Rare Astronomical Events.” He discussed a range of topics including planetary alignments, eclipses, gamma-ray bursts and life in the galaxy.

Dr. Mario Mateo

Dr. Mateo

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All photographs on this page were taken by Dave Snyder.


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