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The Tenth Annual “Astronomy at the Beach” (Kensington Metropark), September 29th & 30th, 2006.

Astronomy at the Beach is an annual event held at Kensington Metropark, located near Brighton Michigan. Weather permitting, visitors can look through telescopes at planets, comets and other astronomical objects. There also are introductory astronomy talks aimed at the general public and various astronomy products for sale.

The following photographs were all taken at the tenth annual Astronomy at the Beach, September 29th & 30th, 2006.

The Mobile Learning Trailer. Various astronomy videos were shown in this trailer.

One of the presenters was Kevin Dehne—Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy for Delta College. He gave a talk “How Cold is Space? - A demonstration on what challenges the cold temperatures in outer space bring.”

Astronomy at the Beach would not happen without the contributions of sponsors such as the Detroit Science Center and the Cranbrook Institute of Science.

In addition all member organizations contribute to the event. These organizations include the Ford Amateur Astronomy Club and the Seven Ponds Nature Center Astronomy Club.

Eric Webster from Webster Telescopes (on the left) shows off one of his telescopes.

The special guest speaker was Michigan native and NASA astronaut Dr. Andrew Feustel. He gave a talk “How Do You Learn To Live and Work In Space?” Afterwards he talked with numerous visitors, including Lowbrows Yasu and Yumi (shown in the two photos above).

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Photographs on this page were taken by Dave Snyder and John Causland.


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