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Club Members

The following are some of the club members of the University Lowbrow Astronomers. Click on a thumbnail for a larger version.
Doug Bock Doug Bock Jack Brisbin Jack Brisbin
Angelika Cardew Angelika Cardew Otto Cardew Otto Cardew
John Causland John Causland Ken Cook Ken Cook
Mark Cray Mark Cray Mark Deprest Mark Deprest
Mike Earle Mike Earle George Ferrier George Ferrier
Don Fohey Don Fohey Jim Forrester Jim Forrester
Milton French Milton French Bernard Friberg Bernard Friberg
Mike Garrahan Mike Garrahan Bob Gehrke Bob Gehrke
Bob Gruszczynski Bob Gruszczynski Joni Gruszczynski Joni Gruszczynski
Jim Halk Jim Halk Kathy Hillig Kathy Hillig
Kurt Hillig Kurt Hillig Art Hocking Art Hocking
John Horton John Horton Denton Hoyer Denton Hoyer
Mike Huff Mike Huff Yasuharu Inugi Yasuharu Inugi
Yumi Inugi Yumi Inugi Deborah Jozwik Deborah Jozwik
Dennis Jozwik Dennis Jozwik Harry Juday Harry Juday
Jack Kennedy Jack Kennedy Clayton Kessler Clayton Kessler
Bob Klose Bob Klose Mike Kurylo Mike Kurylo
Mike LaMoreaux Mike LaMoreaux Ken Leitch Ken Leitch
Jason Maguran Jason Maguran Collin McClain Collin McClain
D C Moons D C Moons Nathan Murphy Nathan Murphy
Doug Nelle Doug Nelle Charlie Nielsen Charlie Nielsen
Jerry Nyland Jerry Nyland Kristina Nyland Kristina Nyland
Brian Ottum Brian Ottum Gary Perrine Gary Perrine
John Potts John Potts Randy Pruitt Randy Pruitt
Mike Radwick Mike Radwick Krishna Rao Krishna Rao
John Ridley John Ridley Tom Ryan Tom Ryan
Chris Sarnecki Chris Sarnecki Chris Scharrer Chris Scharrer
Fred Schebor Fred Schebor Doug Scobel Doug Scobel
Anna Scott Anna Scott Dick Sider Dick Sider
Lorna Simmons Lorna Simmons Dave Snyder Dave Snyder
Tom Stoner Tom Stoner Roger Tanner Roger Tanner
Aaron Thero Aaron Thero John Torok John Torok
Reid Travis Reid Travis David Tucker David Tucker
Norb Vance Norb Vance Sharon Vance Sharon Vance
Lee Vincent Lee Vincent Mark Vincent Mark Vincent
Robert Wade Robert Wade Jim Wadsworth Jim Wadsworth
Ed Walkowski Ed Walkowski Paul Walkowski Paul Walkowski
John Wallbank John Wallbank Doug Warshow Doug Warshow
Brian Woodcock Brian Woodcock Zoe Zoe
Photographs Organized by Activity Photographs Organized by Activity


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