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Links To Astronomy Related Web Pages

Astronomy Links: This is not intended to be an exhaustive list, but it is intended to provide a list of some of the better resources available. If you can’t find what you need, go to “Search Engines and Indices” below.

Note: Some URLs change over time, please contact us to report problems.

  1. Asteroids

    IAU: Minor Planet Center. (
    IAU: Astronomical Headlines. (

  2. Astronomy Departments

    The University of Michigan Astronomy Department. (
    Eastern Michigan University Department of Physics and Astronomy. (
    UCLA Astronomy Department. (
    Yahoo’s List of Astronomy Departments. (

  3. Astrophotography

    Catching the Light Astrophotography. (
    Optics Planet Astrophotography and Digiscoping Guide
    Galaxy Photography. (
    “Simple Astrophotography” by Clayton Kessler.
    Beginner's Guide to Astrophotography

    (See also “Pictures” below.)

  4. Astrophysics

    Yahoo’s List of Astrophysics. (

  5. Aurorae Science news and information about the Sun-Earth environment. (
    Solar and Heliospheric Research Group of the University of Michigan. (
    The Geophysical Institute Auroral Forecast Page. (

  6. NewBlogs

    University Lowbrow Astronomers. (
    Bad Astronomy. (
    NASA. (
    The Planetary Society. (
    Star Stryder. (

  7. Books

    Out of this World, The Golden Age of the Celestial Atlas; An Exhibition of Rare Books from the Collection of the Linda Hall Library. (
    Core List of Astronomy Books. (

    University Lowbrow Astronomers—Astronomy Book List.

  8. Calculations

    US Naval Observatory—Astronomical Applications Department. (
    Sky View Cafe—Astronomy—Star Charts and Ephemeris (

    (See also “Software” below.)

  9. Clubs

    The University Lowbrow Astronomers. (

    The Amateur Astronomers of Jackson. (
    The Ann Arbor Space Society. (
    The Astronomy Club at Eastern Michigan University. (
    Ford Amateur Astronomy Club. (
    The Michigan Mars Society. (
    Oakland Astronomy Club (
    Seven Ponds Astronomy Club. (
    Sunset Astronomical Society (
    The University of Michigan Student Astronomical Society. (
    Warren Astronomical Society. (

    (The above list is restricted to clubs within Southeast Michigan. For other astronomy clubs see “Organizations” below.)

  10. Comets

    IAU: Astronomical Headlines. (
    Seiichi Yoshida’s Home Page (Comet News). (

  11. Constellations

    Dibon Smith: The Constellations. (
    (See also “Naked Eye Observing” below).

  12. Dark Sky Observing Sites (Michigan Only)

    Lake Hudson Recreation Area. (

  13. Education (for Students)

    Young Astronomer (University Lowbrow Astonomers and Ann Arbor Public Schools). (This is aimed at 5th grade students) (
    Education and Public Outreach Activities at the HEASARC. (
    Astronomy Cast. (
    Windows to the Universe. (
    Physics 2000—An Interactive Journey Through Modern Physics. (
    The Electronic Universe Project—The University of Oregon. (
    The Nine Planets: A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System. (
    Swinburne Centre for Astrophysics & Supercomputing: Swinburne Astronomy Online. (
    Michigan Math and Science Scholars Summer Program. (

    Reflections of the University Lowbrow Astronomers.
    University Lowbrow Astronomer’s Book List.
    (See also “Astronomy Departments” above.)

  14. Education (for Teachers)

    Young Astronomer (University Lowbrow Astonomers and Ann Arbor Public Schools). (This is aimed at 5th grade students) (
    The Astronomical Society of the Pacific: A Selected List of Web Sites for Instructors of Introductory Astronomy Courses. (
    Education and Public Outreach Activities at the HEASARC. (
    Space Physics and Aeronomy Research Collaboratory. (
    NASA Educational Resources. (

    University Lowbrow Astronomer’s Book List.

  15. Employment

    AAS Job Registry. (

  16. Extra-Solar Planets

    Amateur Radial Velocity Studies. (

  17. History

    Astronomiae Historia / History of Astronomy. (
    Great Debates in Astronomy. (
    The Alfred Russel Wallace Page. [Alfred Russel Wallace was 19th century naturalist who contributed to the scientific study of astronomy] (
    NASA History. (
    University Lowbrow Astronomers—History of University of Michigan’s Observatories.
    University Lowbrow Astronomers—An Observational History of Mars.

  18. Images

    (See Pictures below).

  19. International Year of Astronomy (2009)

    International Year of Astronomy 2009: The Universe Yours to Discover. (

  20. Light Pollution

    Globe at Night. (
    International Dark-Sky Association. (
    Astronomy Picture of the Day: Earth at Night. (
    Light Pollution: Effect On Humans and Energy Efficient Solutions. (

  21. Magazines and Publications

    Astronomy Magazine—Kalmbach Publishing. (
    Odyssey—Cobblestone Publishing. (
    Sky & Telescope—Sky Publishing. (
    Sky Calendar—Abrams Planetarium, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan. (

  22. Meteor Showers

    The International Meteor Organization. (
    The North American Meteor Network. (

  23. The Moon

    Virtual Atlas of the Moon. (free software for moon observation or survey; for Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP). (

  24. Naked Eye Observing

    Star Hustler (Jack Horkheimer: Director of the Miami Planetarium). (
    Abrams Planetarium at Michigan State University. (
    The National Deep Sky Observer’s Society (Observing the Deep Sky With the Naked Eye). (
    Dibon Smith: The Constellations. (
    The Sky at Night from Your Patio

    University Lowbow Astronomers Naked Eye Observer’s Guide.

  25. News Groups

    (Note, some browsers cannot handle “news:” links)

    sci.astro (news:sci.astro)
    sci.astro.amateur (news:sci.astro.amateur)
    sci.astro.research (news:sci.astro.research) ( (

  26. Observatories

    Yahoo’s List of Observatories. (
    The Sky and Telescope Magazine List of Astronomy Related Organizations. (
    Skyview—Internet Virtual Telescope. (
    The McMath-Hulbert Observatory. (
    The McMath-Hulbert Observatory Facebook Page. (

    (See also “Space Telescopes” below).

    University Lowbrow Astronomers—Open House Information.

  27. Observing

    (See “Naked Eye Observing” above and “Telescope Observing” below.)

  28. Occultations

    The International Occultation Timing Association. (

  29. Organizations

    The American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO). (
    The American Astronomical Society. (
    The Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers. (
    The Astronomical League. (
    Astronomical Society of Australia. (
    The Astronomical Society of the Pacific. (
    Australia Telescope National Facility. (
    The International Astronomical Union. (
    International Dark-Sky Association. (
    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration. (
    National Radio Astronomy Observatory. (
    The Planetary Society. (
    The University of Arizona Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS). (
    The Webb Society. (

  30. Organizations (Indices)

    The Sky and Telescope Magazine List of Astronomy Related Organizations. (
    Yahoo’s List of Astronomy Departments. (
    Yahoo’s List of Astronomy Organizations. (
    Yahoo’s List of Observatories. (

  31. Pictures

    NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day. (
    Hubble Space Telescope Newscenter. (
    NSSDC Photo Gallery (Part of the Goddard Space Flight Center). (
    Images from the Anglo-Australian Observatory. (
    Welcome to the Planets. (
    The SEDS Messier Catalog. (
    Personal Pages of Astronomers. (
    Sloan Digital Sky Survey. (
    ISS Hi Definition Stream (; live feed from the international space station)
    Live Astronomy Cameras and Resources

    Every picture ever taken by an Apollo astronaut on the moon

    Astronomy Pictures from the Lowbrow Astronomers.

  32. Photography

    (See “Astrophotography” above).

  33. Radio Astronomy

    Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA). (

  34. Research

    (Note, some browsers cannot handle “news:” links)

    sci.astro.research . (news:sci.astro.research)
    NASA Astrophysics Data System. (
    MAST Multimission Archive at Space Telescope (Data Archive for the Hubble Space Telescope). (
    Sloan Digital Sky Survey. (
    International Jupiter Watch (IJW), Atmosphere Discipline. (

    The University Lowbrow Astronomers Telescope Observer’s Guide.

  35. Satellites

    Heavens Above Satellite Visibility Home Page. (

    University Lowbrow Astronomers—What Satellite is That?

  36. Search Engines and Indices

    The StarPages—Astronomy Yellow Pages on the WWW. (
    Yahoo’s Astronomy List. (
    Google. (

  37. Software

    Search Yahoo for Astronomy Software.
    Catalog of Astronomy Apps for Phones and Tablets. (

    Useful list of numerous desktop planetarium and charting software applications

    (See also “Calculations” above.)

  38. Solar

    NASA: Solar Data Analysis Center: Images. (

  39. Solar Eclipse

    The San Francisco Exploratorium Solar Eclipse Site. (
    NASA: Solar Eclipse Home Page. (

  40. Space Missions

    (Note, some browsers cannot handle “news:” links)

    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration. (
    New Horizons: NASA’s Pluto-Kuiper Belt Mission. (
    The Johnson Space Center. ( . (
    Jonathan McDowell: Jonathan’s Space Report. (
    Phoenix Mars Mission. (
    Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Mission. (
    Lunar Prospector Mission. (
    Mars Exploration Program. (
    International Space Station / NASA shuttle. (
    Project Galileo. (
    The Cassini-Huygens Mission. (
    Space Research Institute (IKI)—Russia. (
    European Space Agency. (
    National Space Development Agency of Japan. (

    (See also “Rockets” above, and “Space Telescopes” below).

  41. Space Telescopes

    Chandra X-Ray Observatory Center. (
    Hubble Space Telescope. (
    The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center: The Hubble Project. (
    SEDS: The Best of the Hubble Space Telescope. (
    The Hubble Telescope: Shedding Light on the Universe. (
    James Webb Space Telescope

  42. Star Parties

    Astrofest. (
    The Black Forest Star Party. (
    The Texas Star Party. (

  43. Telescopes

    The Telescope Review Web Site! (
    Astromart. (
    Telescopes 101: A Guide to Telescopes. (
    Todd Gross’ Weather & Astronomy Site. (
    Kids Space Center—Telescopes and Astronomy. (
    Search Yahoo for Telescopes.
    Telescope buying guide from

    (See also “Space Telescopes” above).

  44. Telescope Observing

    TASS: The Amateur Sky Survey. (
    Hawaiian Astronomical Society. (
    Skyhound. (
    Night Sky Observer Astronomy and Space News and Resources Site. (

    Reflections of the University Lowbrow Astronomers.
    The University Lowbrow Astronomers Telescope Observer’s Guide.
    (See also specific topics above and below).

  45. University Departments

    (See “Astronomy Departments” above.)

  46. Variable Stars

    The American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO). (
    An Intensive International Mailing List on Variable Stars. (
    Center for Backyard Astrophysics. (

  47. Weather

    University Lowbrow Astronomers—Weather Links.


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