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Images from Lowbrows. Click on one of the thumbnails below to see images for a specific topic.

The Moon(The Moon) Lunar Eclipses(Lunar Eclipse) The Moon with Planets (Moon with Planets)
The Planets (The Planets) Mars Sketch (The Great Mars
Opposition of 2003)
Comet Hyakutake(Comets)
The Sun (The Sun) Venus Transit 2004(Venus Transit) Aurora(Aurora)
Lyrid Meteor(Meteors) Texas Star Party(Texas Star Party) Okie-Tex Star Party(Okie-Tex Star Party)
Wide Field Photos(Wide Field) M57(Deep Sky) ISS Pass(Spacecraft)
Pictures from Peter Alway(Peter Alway) NewLowbrow Blog(Lowbrow Blog)  

Websites of various Lowbrows. Click on one of the thumbnails below.

Pictures from Clayton Kessler(Clayton Kessler) Pictures from Jason Johnson(Jason Johnson) Pictures from David Tucker(David Tucker)
Pictures from Brian Ottum(Brian Ottom) Pictures from Peter Alway(Peter Alway)  

Other websites with astronomy photography (some professional and some amateur). Click on one of the thumbnails below.

NASAs Image of the day(NASA’s
Image of the Day)
Links to Other Images(Links to
Other Images)


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