Stellar and Deep-Sky Photography
by Peter Alway

Astronomy by Peter Alway

If astronomy is the study of stars, then here's some real astronomy.  These are long-exposure sky photos, some piggybacked on telescopes, some jsut with tripods on the ground. Just a reminder to appreciate the sky above you when you go out at night. If you need help identifying stars, go check out the planisphere page.
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Astronomy Pages:

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Comet Photos

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Solar System Photos

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Star Photos

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Lunar Eclipse

Constellation Photos:

This was a 12-second exposure taken from Schoolcraft College. Using "Curves" in Photoshop, I was able to darken the light-polluted brown background without oblitterating the Orion Nebula. orion.jpg (11179 bytes)
You can see the "Teapot" of Saggitarius near the bottom of this milky way image. the wierd blue-green color comes from using color infrared slide film. Note the airplane trails across this image. I took this shot nearly 20 years ago from Peach mountain. IRMilkyWay.jpg (59845 bytes)

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