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Astronomy by Peter Alway

One of my part-time jobs is as an astronomy instructor at Schoolcraft College, a 2-year school in Livonia, Michigan. I've been interested in astronomy since I was a wee lad--I've still got my childhood astronomy book, which I might have owned before I could read. And I can remember the magic of a planetarium trip I can barely remember. I became a real amateur astronomer in high school, when I was able to buy a share in a family 6" telescope.

In College I hooked up with the University Lowbrow Astronomers and the Eastern Michigan University astronomy club.

You can also look at my do-it-yourself planisphere page

Here are a few pictures I've taken over the years.

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Astronomy Pages:

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Comet Photos

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Solar System Photos

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Star Photos

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Lunar Eclipse

My Favorite Photo:

This image dates to March of 1987, at Peach Mountain, near Dexter, Michigan. from left to right, the crescent moon (grossly overexposed), the Pleiades star cluster, the University of Michigan's 85-foot radio telescope, and Comet Hale-Bopp. HaleBoppzoomy.jpg (46625 bytes)

I thought I had some neat pictures, but there are some other sites that are even better. Take a look at:

University Lowbrow Astronomers Ann Arbor's Astronomy club

EMU Astronomy Club Where I spend my best nights as an Eastern Michigan University student, long,long, ago.

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