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Current Astronomy Events in Southeast Michigan

This calendar shows events hosted by the University Lowbrow Astronomers, plus a few selected events hosted by other organizations. Events hosted by the Lowbrows (with the exception of monthly club meetings) may be cancelled if conditions are unusually cold or if it’s cloudy. The Twitter feed shown will be updated regarding the event status prior to an event. If in doubt, call (734) 975-3248 after 4PM the day of the event to determine the status. Events are free of charge unless otherwise indicated. The calendar shows the current month, use the arrows to see future and past months. Click on each item in the calendar for more details.

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Other Ways to Access the Calendar and the Event List

In addition to this web page, there are two other ways to access this list of astronomy events...

  1. If you use a calendar program that supports the ICAL format (such as Google Calendar), you can subscribe to the Lowbrow Calendar by using the subscribe function within your calendar program. This will allow you to view Lowbrow events along with events your personal calendar and/or other calendars. When subscribing to the calendar, you will be asked for a URL. This is the URL:
  2. If you use a calendar program that supports the ICAL format (such as Google Calendar), you can take a snapshot by downloading this file and importing it into your program. The events in the Lowbrow calendar will be added to events already in your calendar, but if there are changes to the Lowbrow calendar they will not be automatically encorporated into your calendar without a subsequent import.

List of Events

Lowbrow Events:

Other organizations hold astronomy related events. These events may be free of charge or may require a small charge. Follow the links for more details:


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