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University Lowbrow Astronomers Club Meetings, 2008

January 2008

2007 marked the first year of the University Lowbrow Astronomers involvement in the Night Sky Network (NSN). At the January 2008 club meeting three Lowbrows were given special recognition awards for active participation in NSN approved events. More information about NSN.

Dave getting pin   Yasu getting pin   Charlie getting pin

The awards (pins and certificates) were presented by NSN Coordinator Belinda Lee.
From left to right: David Snyder, Yasuharu Inugi, and Charlie Nielsen.

July 2008

Over the past few years we have held our July club meeting at Sherzer Observatory (on the campus of Eastern Michigan University).

At the July 2008 meeting: John Kirchhoff gave his annual “Goodies Show” and Mark Deprest gave a slide show of his trip to Green Bank Star Quest Star Party, held at Green Bank, West Virginia.

Waiting for the meeting to start

Waiting for the meeting to start.



Charlie presides over the meeting. John Kirchhoff is looking on along with some of his goodies.



(See additional photos taken at the July 2008 Meeting).

Other Meetings

More photographs from club meetings.

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