University Lowbrow Astronomers

July 2008 Lowbrow Meeting Minutes.

as submitted by Mike Kurylo
Printed in Reflections: August, 2008.

John and Orion Starblast

7:30pm meeting at the Eastern Michigan University Sherzer Observatory

35-40 members in attendance

President Charlie Nielsen

Paul Walkowski

V.P. Mike Kurylo

V.P. Jim Forrester

Treasurer Yasu Inugi

Newsletter Editor Mark Deprest

Webmaster Dave Snyder

Guest speaker was John Kirchhoff from Rider’s Hobby in Livonia, MI

Norb, Charlie and Jack   The Club Listening to John's Presentation

Additional speaker was Mark Deprest presenting an enjoyable photo sequence

August speaker is scheduled to be Tom Trusock

Remember, to see more details of our meetings please stop by in person and bring a guest. It’s better than your job, and it’s an adventure! GO LOWBROWS!

Norb   Pizza Time

Photo Credits

All images were provided by Mike Kurylo.

See Also

Additional photos taken at the July 2008 meeting.


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