Janet and Robert Wolfe Genealogy

James I Count of La Marche

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Ancestors of James I Count of La Marche

            ┌─Louis VIII King of France ⇒

         ┌─Louis IX King of France 

         │  └─Blanche of Castile ⇒

      ┌─Robert Count of Clermont 

      │  │  ┌─Ramon Berenguer IV of Provence ⇒

      │  └─Margaret of Provence 

      │     └─Beatrice of Savoy ⇒

   ┌─Louis Duke of Bourbon 

   │  │     ┌─Hugh IV of Burgundy ⇒

   │  │  ┌─John of Burgundy 

   │  │  │  └─Yolande of Dreux ⇒

   │  └─Beatrice of Burgundy 

   │     └─Agnes de Dampiere 

 James I Count of La Marche 

   │        ┌─Bouchard IV of Avesnes ⇒

   │     ┌─John I of Avesnes 

   │     │  └─Margaret II Countess of Flanders ⇒

   │  ┌─John II of Avesnes Count of Hainaut 

   │  │  └─Adelaide of Holland 

   └─Mary of Avesnes 

      │     ┌─Walram III of Limbourg 

      │  ┌─Henry V of Luxembourg 

      │  │  └─Ermesinde of Luxembourg ⇒

      └─Philippa of Luxembourg 

         └─Margaret of Bar 

Descendants of James I Count of La Marche