Janet and Robert Wolfe Genealogy

Beatrice of Burgundy

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Ancestors of Beatrice of Burgundy

         ┌─Otto III of Burgundy 

      ┌─Hugh IV of Burgundy 

      │  │  ┌─Hugh of Vergy 

      │  └─Alix of Vergy 

      │     └─Gillette de Trainel 

   ┌─John of Burgundy 

   │  │     ┌─Robert II of Dreux ⇒

   │  │  ┌─Robert III of Dreux 

   │  │  │  └─Yolanda de Coucy ⇒

   │  └─Yolande of Dreux 

   │     └─Alianor de St. Valéry 

 Beatrice of Burgundy 

   └─Agnes de Dampiere 

Descendants of Beatrice of Burgundy