Janet and Robert Wolfe Genealogy

Welcome! This website has genealogy information that we have collected, with the help of many other people, about our family ancestors. We would love to hear from you. Our email address is at the bottom of this page.

Each person has a Genealogy page with basic facts and with links to the Genealogy pages of that person's spouses, ancestors, and descendants. Many Genealogy pages have links to Chronicle pages, which include notes and sources about the family.

We note ancestors of our DNA "cousins" on the Genealogy pages of our ancestors, with a symbol by the sibling who is the ancestor of the cousin. We have posted our DNA results and family tree at FamilyTreeDNA.com and at Ancestry.com. We actively look for "cousin" matches at Ancestry.com. Thanks to all who have posted results of a DNA test with a family tree. We are delighted to know of our cousins and we find that the DNA matching information provides a useful addition to our genealogy research.

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The content at our website is updated regularly, so check back for updates. You are welcome to use the information at our website. A citation is provided at the bottom of each Chronicle page, if you would like to quote text from our website.

There is still much more to be found, much remains to be documented with original sources, and it is likely that some information is incorrect at our website. If you have links to sources, pictures, transcriptions or copies of records, corrections, or additions to contribute, please let us know by email (our address is at the bottom of this page).

This website is hosted by the University of Michigan, although the content is entirely our responsibility.

Privacy. We use Google to count the visitors to our website, which means we use cookies, and I think it means that Google knows that you have visited our website. Let us know if this is a problem. If we hear that this is a problem, we will likely turn this off, but it is fun to know how many visitors there are.

This website was generated from our family genealogy GEDCOM file using a program that Robert Wolfe wrote.
People who were still alive the year before last and people who were born less than 80 years ago are not shown.

Janet and Robert Wolfe Genealogy
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