Optoelectronic Components and Materials Group

Prof. Stephen Forrest

Name Years with OCM Group Research Subject Affiliation
Jeramy D. Zimmerman 2007-2013 MBE, carbon nanotube and organic photovoltaics Colorado School of Mines
André Taylor 2007-2008 Organic focal plane arrays NYU School of Engineering
Vinod Menon 2001-2004 Wavelength selective integrated photonic devices City College, NY

Milind Gokhale 1996-2000 Compound semiconductor materials and devices Santur Corp.
Donna Strickland 1995-1997 Nonlinear optical properties of organics University of Waterloo
Dmitri Garbuzov 1994-1997 High power and surface emitting lasers Deceased
Paul Burrows 1992-2000 Organic materials and devices Reata Research