Optoelectronic Components and Materials Group

Prof. Stephen Forrest

Graduate Student Research Assistants

Students enrolled in PhD programs with interest in research related to organic or Group III-V semiconductor devices are encouraged to contact Prof. Forrest (stevefor@umich.edu) to learn more about the exciting research opportunities that his group offers. Ongoing research projects include topics in device physics, materials science, and fabrication technology. Possible future applications of the knowledge gained in such research include improved OLED lighting and displays, organic lasers, more efficient and economical solar cells, and flexible electronics.

Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Organic Thin Films and Devices

Description: The Optoelectronic Components and Materials Group at the University of Michigan is seeking a post-doctoral research fellow with expertise in organic thin films for use in electroluminescence, solar cells, thin film transistors and other photonic devices. Qualifications should include hands-on, in-depth experience with the design, vacuum deposition, device fabrication, analysis and characterization of active optical components such as OLEDs, solar cells, detectors, etc. Successful candidates should be able to work on independent research projects, as well as lead larger teams of graduate students. Maintaining large laboratory facilities and infrastructure is an important part of the job.

Requirements: Prospective candidates should have a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, materials science, physics or associated field. Salary level to depend on degree of experience.

To Apply: Please email Prof. Stephen Forrest at "stevefor at umich dot edu" with your resume and cover letter. This position will be posted on the University of Michigan jobs site later this month. Also apply online and upload a pdf of your cover letter and resume. Review of applications will be accepted until the position is filled.