Optoelectronic Components and Materials Group

Prof. Stephen Forrest

Name Graduation Year Thesis Subject Affiliation
Xinjing Huang 2023 Device Physics and Applications of Ternary Organic Photovoltaics
Boning Qu 2023 Methods for roll-to-roll deposition of organic semiconductors Applied Materials
Jihun (Joon) Lim 2023 Understanding and advancing thermophotovoltaics Wolfspeed
Byungjun Lee 2021 Thin-film III-V devices for low-cost detection and energy conversion Apple
Kan Ding 2021 Understanding the Photogeneration Process in Organic Photovoltaics North Carolina State University
Jongchan Kim 2021 Understanding and Controlling the Morphology of Organic Thin Films Yonsei University
Dejiu Fan 2020 Enabling High Performance III-V Thin-film Photodetectors on Unconventional Surfaces Applied Materials
Yue Qu 2019 Cavity Optics in Organic Semiconductors Apple
Caleb Coburn 2019 Charge and Exciton Dynamics in Organic Optoelectronic Devices Apple
Xiao Liu 2018 Energy Transfer in Organics in 3D and Limited Dimensional Systems Apple
Quinn Burlingame 2018 Reliability of Organic Photovoltaics Princeton University
Xiaozhou (Amy) Che 2018 High Efficiency Single and Mulitjunction OPVs Applied Materials
Anurag Panda 2018 Organic-Inorganic Heterojunctions Harvard University
Jaesang Lee 2017 Lifetime and efficiency of blue phosphorescent organic-light emitting diodes Seoul National University
Xin Xiao 2015 Small Molecule Heterojunction Solar Cells Employing Mixed Donor-Acceptor Active Regions and Buffer Layers Coursera
Kevin Bergemann 2015 Energy and charge transport in organic thin films Amazon
Kyusang Lee 2014 Epitaxial liftoff and thin film optoelectronics University of Virginia
Michael Slootsky 2014 Manipulating Light in Organic Thin-Film Devices Apple
Xiaoran Tong 2014 Reliability of Organic Solar Cells Intel
Yifan Zhang 2014 Excited State Interactions and Management in Organic Light Emitting Diodes Apple
Christopher K. Renshaw 2013 Organic/Inorganic hybrid heterojunctions University of Central Florida, CREOL
Brian Lassiter 2013 Tandem Organic Photovoltaics Aya Healthcare
Greg McGraw 2012 Organic Vapor Jet Printing Universal Display Corporation
Guodan Wei 2012 Squaraine Organic Photovoltaic Cells Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute
Xiangfei Qi 2011 High Intensity Organic Light Emitting Diodes Capital One
Xuhuai Zhang 2011 Negative Index Metamaterials McKinsey
Kuen-Ting Shiu 2010 InP materials for Photonic Integrated Circuits and Solar Cells Argo AI
Richard Lunt 2010 Crystalline Organic Solar Cells Michigan State University
Stephane Kena-Cohen 2010 Exciton polaritons and polariton lasers Ecole Polytechnic of Montreal
Xin Xu 2010 Hemispherical focal plane arrays and imagers Universal Display Corporation
Noel C. Giebink 2009 Excited States in Organic Semiconductors University of Michigan
Yiru Sun 2008 High Efficiency White Light OLEDs New York Life Insurance Company
Fan Yang 2008 Organic Solar Cells Grown by OVPD Zoox
Shashank Agashe 2007 Integrated MUX & DEMUX Infinera
Barry Rand 2006 Fundamentals and Applications of Organic Solar Cells Princeton University
Russell Holmes 2006 Luminescent Properties of Organic Thin Films University of Minnesota
Shubhashish Datta 2005 RF Analog Optical Heterodyne Links Discovery Semiconductors
Changsoon Kim 2005 Patterning of Organic Electronic Devices Seoul National University
Fengnian Xia 2005 Photonic integrated detectors and receivers Yale University
Jiangeng Xue 2004 Organic Photodetectors and Photovoltaics University of Florida
Max Shtein 2004 Organic Vapor Phase Deposition University of Michigan
Brian D'Andrade 2004 White OLEDs Exponent, Inc.
Peter Peumans 2004 Organic Photodetectors IMEC
Hongsheng Wang 2003 Vertical Cavity and Twin Waveguide Lasers Alphion, Inc.
Jian Wei 2002 Materials and Detectors for Long Wavelength Communications and Sensing Thorlabs Quantum Electronics
Marc Baldo 2001 Optical and Electronic Properties of Amorphous Organic Semiconductors MIT
Pavel Studenkov 2001 Asymmetric Twin Waveguide Photonic Integrated Circuits Infinera
John Thomson 2001 Integrated Photodetectors and Receivers for Optical Communications Cisco
Chris Dries 1999 Gas Source MBE of Lasers and Detectors Using Strained Semiconductor Layers United Silicon Carbide, Inc
Gong Gu 1999 Multicolor Organic LEDs University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Vladimir Bulovic 1998 Organic Light Emitters MIT
Zilan Shen 1998 Organic Light Emitting Devices and the Theory of Excited States in Organic Nanostructures Guy Carpenter
Robert Taylor 1998 High Performance Optical Links, Phased Array Receivers Infinera
Song Yu 1997 Integrated Optical Receivers Intel
Dong Su Kim 1996 Ultralow Switching Energy Smart Pixels Samsung Ventures
Ligeng Xu 1996 Integrated Lasers and Phased Array Radar Intel
Kian Beyzavi 1995 Smart Pixels Kbeyzavi Associates
Yajiong Zhang 1995 Theory of Organic Thin Film Growth Deceased
Madabusi Govindarajan 1994 High Band Optical Receivers LuxN, Sunnyvale, CA
Eliav Haskal 1994 Excited States in Organic Nanostructures Philips Labs, Eindhoven
Guang-Jye Shiau 1993 MBE Growth of InP-based Lasers Applied Materials
Yun Kee Chung 1992 Integrated Optical Receivers Megasonics, Inc.
Jim Gardner 1992 Integrated Smart Pixels Good Karma Bikes
Yue Liu 1992 Long Wavelength Photodetectors for Optical Communications Honeywell Research Labs
Franky F. So 1992 Properties of Organic Thin Films North Carolina State University
Julie Brown 1991 Optically Powered Smart Pixels Universal Display Corp.
Dennis Chun-Wen Lo 1991 Integrated Optical Receivers Ralink Technology
Chia Di Lee 1990 Deep Levels in InGaAs and Related Materials, Liquid Phase Epitaxy China Resources Microelectronics, Hong Kong
Len-Yi Leu 1990 Deep Levels in InGaAs and Related Materials TSMC

The graduates include those who graduated from the OCM groups at University of Southern California and Princeton University, which were also directed by Prof. Forrest before he moved to the University of Michigan. Alumni affiliations may not be current.