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Astronomy Pictures from the University Lowbrow Astronomers: The 2004 Transit of Venus

The 2004 Transit of Venus
by Doug Nelle

On rare occasions, Venus passes between the Earth and the Sun. During the twenty-first century, it will happen twice, once in the year 2004, and once in the year 2012. Such events are called Venus Transits.

Doug Scobel wrote:

I arrived at Lyon Township Community Park in New Hudson, around 5:15 am, about 45 minutes prior to sunrise. The lot was probably three fourths full already. I knew that this was the “official” transit viewing site for the Ford club (FAAC), so I was expecting a crowd, and that’s pretty much what we had.

I decided to set up at the the south end of the parking area, so that I could flag down any Lowbrows that might arrive after I had. I was joined not five minutes later by Doug Nelle and his daughter Mira, and then by my neighbor Steve Szuminski, his wife Mary, and their three daughters. I was surprised to see that a number of observers made a family outing of the event, considering the hour of the day. Once things got under way, Steve and Mary’s girls were a lot of fun to watch, they were so enthusiastic. They’d go between scope, binoculars, back to the scope, over and over. They seemed to have a lot of fun, plus they learned something (I hope). Doug had his nice homemade 5” f/5 refractor, some binoculars, and his camera.

The following photographs were taken by another Lowbrow, Doug Nelle, during the last Venus Transit (the morning of June 8, 2004).

Venus Transit #1

Venus Transit #2

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