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University Lowbrow Astronomers Club Meeting of April 19, 2002

This page shows photographs from the April 19, 2002 club meeting.

The Dennison Building

Our Meeting Place, The Dennison Building (also known as the Physics/Astronomy Building) on University of Michigan’s central campus.

D.C. Moons

Lowbrow president D. C. Moons presiding over the meeting. Bernard Friberg (facing away from camera) in the front row.

Swap Meet and Other Things

At this meeting John Causland demonstrated some astronomy software, we had the club elections and a swap meet. The rest of this page shows photographs taken during the swap meet.

Kathy, Kurt and Art

Kathy Hillig, Kurt Hillig and Art Hocking

Harry and Mark

Harry Juday and Mark Deprest

Mike and John

Mike LaMoreaux and John Causland

Doug, Charlie and Mike Doug, Charlie and Mike

Doug Warshow, Charlie Nielsen and Mike Radwick.
You can’t take astronomy too seriously!

Mark and Harry

Mark Deprest and Harry Juday


John Potts


Tom Stoner

The Brown Jug

After the meeting some Lowbrows went to the Brown Jug.


Bob Klose

Assorted Lowbrows #1 Assorted Lowbrows #2

Assorted Lowbrows.

D. C.

D. C. Moons

Doug and Mike

Doug Warshow and Mike LaMoreaux

D. C., Dick and Charlie

D. C., Dick Sider and Charlie Nielsen in the foreground. Doug and Mike in the background.

John, a Hot Pepper and Mike

John Causland is under the mistaken impression swallowing a hot pepper will stop me from taking his photograph. Our newest member Mike Garrahan looks on.

Charlie and Mike

Charlie and Mike

Other Meetings

More photographs from club meetings.

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