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University Lowbrow Astronomers Club Meeting of April 18, 2003

This page shows photographs from the April 18, 2003 club meeting.

John Causland with By-Law Star

At the September 2002 meeting, a committee was formed to create new by-laws for the club. After a few months of effort, draft by-laws were created. At this meeting, the club approved these by-laws with a unanimous vote. Kathy Hillig (not shown) gave each committee member a “star” in recognition of their hard work. John Causland shows off his star.

D. C. counting ballots

The next order of business was the annual elections. The club decided to accept the candidates for Newsletter Editor and Webmaster as there was only one candidate for each of these two positions. Club members wrote their choices for the other positions on paper ballots. D. C. Moons and Kurt Hillig counted the votes. D. C. is shown with one of the ballots. On the blackboard, the count was displayed. No votes were recorded for “News Liar” (aka Newsletter Editor) and “Spider” (aka Webmaster) as the club had already accepted the candidates for these positions.

The By-Law Committee

The By-Laws Committee.

The committee poses for a photograph after club approval of the by-laws. Left to right: Bernard Friberg, D. C. Moons, Kurt Hillig, Kathy Hillig, Dave Snyder, Charlie Nielsen, Jim Wadsworth, Jim Forrester and John Causland. Each committee member is holding the “star” they received earlier; except for Kathy who is holding a copy of the by-laws.

Denton Hoyer

After the voting, there was an exchange of astronomy equipment and books. Denton Hoyer is in foreground, various Lowbrows are in the background.

Other Meetings

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