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University Lowbrow Astronomers Club Meeting of April 15, 2005

This page shows photographs from the April 15, 2005 club meeting.

The first order of business: running the annual election. Due to a mixup, at first Percival Lowell was not listed as Observatory Directory Emeritus (as traditionally happens at each election). This oversight was corrected at the last minute.

The only contested position was Observatory Directory. So each club member present at the meeting submitted a written ballot, and David Tucker recorded the votes on the chalkboard.

Counting the Votes

After all votes had been recorded, President Charlie Nielsen counted them while Bernard Friberg looks on.

D. C. Moons

D. C. Moons addresses the group.

Group Discussion #1

Bernard Friberg, D. C. Moons, Kurt Hillig, David Tucker and Kathy Hillig.


After the meeting, there was a swap meet. Yasuharu Inugi shows two books he just aquired.

John and David

John Horton and David Tucker

Harry Juday

Harry Juday (bottom) brought a laptop with some of his astrophotography.
Other Lowbrows look on. From left to right: Kathy Hillig, Kurt Hillig and Jim Forrester.

Bernard and Lorna

Bernard Friberg and Lorna Simmons.

Group Discussion #1

Bernard Friberg, Paul Walkowski, Lorna Simmons, Kurt Hillig (facing away from camera) and Kathy Hillig.

Other Meetings

More photographs from club meetings.

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