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Mauna Kea (Part 3)
by Dr. Mark Vincent

This page shows panoramas from Mauna Kea. Mauna Kea is located in Hawaii, and contains a number of world class telescopes.

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Hale Pohaku

This is the view from Hale Pohaku at 9000 ft towards Mauna Loa. You can just see the first part of the road to the microwave relay station and is left-center, just left of a small, green hill just past the road going down Mauna Kea. The relay station is mid-left of the peak. I think the weather observatory is to the right, and slightly below the summit.

For larger version go to http://atmos.NMSU.Edu/pub/mvincent/Hawaii2003/HP2ML.jpg

155° 38’ 35.5” W 19° 38’ 26.7” N 7062 ft
2003 May 06

After the observing run, I wanted to see the Mauna Loa weather observatory. It’s a bit of a drive. If you start driving a few miles up Mauna Loa on the one-lane road with a wonderful painted centerline, you can stop at lovely, heavily wooded area - NOT.

One question, I didn’t walk this far in, so where’s the SUV?

For larger version go to http://atmos.NMSU.Edu/pub/mvincent/Hawaii2003/MLWO_Rd1as.jpg

155° 27’ 14.1” W 19° 35’ 01.3” N 8374 ft
2003 May 06

Further up the road, one gets to a true “garden spot” next to a microwave relay station with a great view of Mauna Kea. Anyone for quick, barefoot walk over the ’a’a flows? The road coming in from the right is one one comes in on. The road next to the telephone poles head towards the weather observatory, many miles away. The panoramics from there are on the to-do list.

For a larger version go to http://atmos.NMSU.Edu/pub/mvincent/Hawaii2003/MLWO_Rd2avs.jpg

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