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Magdalena Ridge

By Mark Vincent, Friday 6 August, 2004.

(You may need to scroll to the right to see all of the panorama.)

Magdalena Ridge offers a wonderful view for a picnic.  South Baldy Peak of Magdalena Ridge rises to 10,600 feet SW of Socorro.

If you want more detail, there are two additional versions of this photograph in higher resolution: a medium resolution version (653 kilobyte) and a high resolution version (6.4 megabyte).

If you look at the high resolution version, you can just see the VLA in a compact configuration off in the distance to the west.

There are also two movies, a medium resolution version (5.7 megabyte) and a high resolution version (22.7 megabyte).

The observatory is the Joint Observatory for Cometary Research, JOCR (pronounced “joker”).  JOCR will soon be removed to make room for the Magdalena Ridge Observatory 2.4 m (

On the tree lined peak to the south (left of JOCR) is the Lagnmuir Lab (  Their lightning triggering rocket launch site is on North Baldy.  You can just make out the lightning rods near the launch site on the tall peak behind the pine tree.

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