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The Fourth Annual “Astronomy at the Beach” (Part 3 of 3) July 21-22, 2000.

Father and Son with Homemade 10-Inch Dobsonian Telescope

Father and son with homemade 10-inch Dobsonian telescope.

The Cost of Their Toys

The Cost of their Toys

Title inspired by the saying “The only difference between little boys and big boys is the cost of their toys.”  What is the motivation for amateur astronomers spending their time and money so they can set up telescopes at Kensington Metropark?  Most of us like nothing better than sharing our hobby with a curious and delighted public.

Jack Wows 'Em

Jack Wows ‘Em

With the polish of an international celebrity, the knowledge of a university professor, a twinkle of sincerity in his eye, a smile that breaks through all the technical talk, and the warmth of every ones grand dad, Jack shows all The Right Stuff.  He knows how to draw them in with his stories, wows them with weightlessness demonstrations, arouses their curiosity, and commissions them as ambassadors to the stars.

Q&ampA After Jack Lousma's Talk

Q&A After Jack Lousma’s Talk

Thank you Jack, no words are strong enough to convey our appreciation for sharing your evening with us.

Setting Up Telescopes

Setting Up Telescopes.

Paul Walkowski standing next to his telescope.  Mark Deprest is to Paul’s right (facing away from the camera).  The Ford Amateur Astronomy Club’s large telescope at the far right.

Watching Ballons

Watching Balloons.

Waiting for dark, the balloons overhead provide a good diversion; a moment of relaxation and socialization before the crowds press in.

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All photographs on this page were taken by Edward Walkowski, July 21-22, 2000.


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