Rich Gonzalez's Statistics Notes

PDF Files of the Notes

last update: 5/3/2024

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Lecture Notes #1: Basic concepts (pdf)
Lecture Notes #2: One Way ANOVA (pdf)
Lecture Notes #3: Multiple Comparisons (pdf)
Lecture Notes #4: Factorial ANOVA (pdf)
Lecture Notes #5: Advanced ANOVA topics (pdf)
Lecture Notes #6: Correlation/Regression (pdf)
Lecture Notes #7: Multiple Regression I (pdf)
Lecture Notes #8: Multiple Regression II (pdf)
Lecture Notes #9: ANCOVA, Logistic Regression, and Time Series (pdf)
Lecture Notes #10: Multidimensional Scaling and Clustering (pdf)
Lecture Notes #11: Unfolding, PCA, and FA(pdf)
Lecture Notes #12: MANOVA (pdf)
Lecture Notes #13: SEM and Test Theory (pdf)
Index (pdf)

Zip file of most data files used in these lecture notes organized into separate subfolders (zip)

OUTDATED AND NOT PROPERLY FORMATTED: Analyses related to the Covid19 pandemic (link)

SPSS syntax notes (pdf)
R notes (pdf)
For more R related info see notes from a course I've taught on using R (still under development).

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