Janet and Robert Wolfe Genealogy

Adelaide of Normandy

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Ancestors of Adelaide of Normandy

            ┌─William I Longsword of Normandy ⇒

         ┌─Richard I the Fearless of Normandy 

         │  └─Sprota 

      ┌─Richard II the Good of Normandy 

      │  │  ┌─? 

      │  └─Gunnor 

   ┌─Robert I the Magnificent of Normandy 

   │  │  ┌─Conan I of Rennes 

   │  └─Judith de Rennes 

   │     │  ┌─Geoffrey I of Anjou 

   │     └─Ermengarde of Anjou 

   │        └─Adelaide de Vermandois ⇒

 Adelaide of Normandy 

   └─Herleve of Falaise 

Descendants of Adelaide of Normandy