University of Michigan Go Club


Alexander Dinerchtein (3p, Korean Baduk Association) provides Go lessons (primarily on KGS). He runs the Insei League with other professionals, which provides teaching games, audio lectures, game reviews and tournaments.

Jon Hop has written several books primarily for kyu players. His publications are available online through Sunday Go Lessons.

The basics

After learning the rules, play around 50 games quickly before spending too much time studying.

Getting stronger

Once you've learned the rules and played for a while, the best way to improve is to play stronger players (and review) as well as solving go problems.

  • offers problems for every strengths
  • Kiseido sells books and go equipment. The following two books are highly recommended:
    1. In the Beginning by Ishigure Ikuo - The best book for learning about the opening and basic go strategy
    2. Tesuji by James Davies - Explains lots of clever moves and has great problems that will improve your reading skill

    Beginners should read In The Beginning and then Tesuji. This will bring you into the 12k-8k range.

  • Shodan Imports is another new site where you can order equipment.
  • Of course, joining the American Go Association and competing in tournaments with other players is a great way to become stronger!


These .sgf files can be viewed using any SGF editor and were created by Jon Hop. They exist under a creative commons attribution license, so you are free to copy and distribute them as long as you attribute the creator.