University of Michigan Go Club

About Us

Organizational History

The University of Michigan Go Club was started in the spring of 2001 by two engineering freshmen—Ben Harter and Eric Jankowski. They were fortunate to discover the Ann Arbor Go Club, which was organized by the wonderful Susan Weir and was an official chapter of the American Go Association.

When Susan decided to step down as chapter representative, the decision was made to merge the two clubs. These days, the Ann Arbor Go Club and the University of Michigan Go Club refer to the same organization.

Mission Statement

The University of Michigan Go Club exists with goals that fall into two main catagories:

  1. Our goals within the University community include:
    • Providing a forum for local go players to meet and play,
    • Performing outreach events to educate thirsty students about this fascinating game,
    • Emphasizing the teaching of new players to promote an atmosphere of learning,
    • Hosting events that enrich the University and are of specific interest to go players,
    • Informing players and the public about go history, culture, and etiquette,
    • Having a winning record vs. go players in the Columbus, OH area.

  2. Our goals relating to The American Go Association include:
    • Providing an AGA rated tournament venue for players in the Midwest,
    • Assisting with AGA and AGF events in the southeast Michigan area,
    • Encouraging people of all ages to take up go and join the AGA!