University of Michigan Go Club


New go club library: donate & borrow books Sept 8 2012

Mike (the president of the go club) is starting a good book loan program. (View our books.) If you would like to borrow or donate books, please contact the president.

Removed study groups from Google Calendar Dec 12 2010

I've removed study group from Google calendar since attendance is very sporadic and I don't want new attendees to show up without go club members around.


I encourage anyone with a pedagogical bent to contact the chief of staff and set up scheduled study groups.

Some potential lecture topics include joseki, life & death, biggest points, fuseki, professional game reviews, and good shape.

Any scheduled study groups will be added to Google Calendar and emailed to the group. Please volunteer!

One lucky United Way tournament attendee will win unlimited Insei League KGS access November 15 2010

Did you need another reason to register for the December 4th United Way tournament?

Alexander Dinerchtein (3p) along with Insei League is offering unlimited access to the private KGS room for one lucky attendee! You will be able to watch simultaneous games with professionals as well 30-40 lectures every month! (This does not include tournament participation.)

Check out the Insei League calendar for events.

Visit our 2010 United Way Tournament page and make sure to register as early as possible!

Preregistration for United Way Tournament November 13 2010

We decided to offer a preregistration package. For $22, you get:

  • registered for December tournament
  • an awesome t-shirt
  • entered into drawing for one of three copies of one of Jonathan Hop's books.

And of course, you get to eat food and play go like everyone else.

Please visit our 2010 United Way Tournament page to view the details and register!

United Way Tournament November 8 2010

Our first ever United Way charity tournament will be Saturday, December 4th from noon until 6pm in room 3909 of the Michigan Union.

Even details are in the tournament blog announcement.

New go study group November 7 2010

We are starting study groups one hour before regular club meetings. The first will be Sunday, Nov 14 at noon, Espresso Royale.

For more information, view the study group blog announcement.

Group blog October 25 2010

I've created the University of Michigan Go Club Blog. If you are interested in participating in the group blog, please contact the webmaster.

Join us at Downtown AADL January 15 2010

Join us at the downtown branch of the Ann Arbor District Library for an afternoon of teaching (if you know how to play), learning (if you're new), and making new friends on January 24th from 1-4pm. Click here for more info. Hope to see you there!

Good news and bad news August 11, 2009

Great news everyone! Our very own Jon Hop has published two fantastic books for players in the 30k-10k range. Check out a preview and buy them here:

Also, we found out the camera died for the last 3 talks of Ignite Ann Arbor, so there is no video of Eric's talk. So sad!!

Ignite Ann Arbor talk July 1, 2009

Last night Eric was one of many presenters at Ignite Ann Arbor, which was an amazing event. He talked about how Go is a wonderful game and everyone should play. Hopefully we find a copy of the video soon, and hopefully we start seeing many new faces at the club!

Traverwood branch of the Ann Arbor District Library April 22, 2009

Join us Saturday at the Traverwood branch of the Ann Arbor District Library from 2pm-4pm! We'll be teaching go to beginners, enjoying snacks, and having fun. Click here for the AADL blog post

Jin Chen Memorial Tournament a success! March 29, 2009

Thanks to everyone who made the first annual Jin Chen Memorial Tournament a big success! We had a great turnout, with 28 players from 30k to 7d. Here are the winners:
Dan Division
1. Xingshuo Liu
2. Zi Wang
3. Kevin Zhou
1-5 Kyu
1. Brian Kirby
2. Seokwoo Yoon
3. Don Allison
5-30 Kyu
1. Paul Miller
2. Eric Johnson
3. Jeff Head

Welcome new members! September 4, 2008

Welcome new members! Please click around the site to learn more about the go club. We're excited to have you join us and look forward to you improving and beating all of the old members. For the old members, please make an effort to come to the club on time, as we have lots of eager new students that will be looking for a teacher.

Open letter to AGA May 12, 2008

Request for more transparency in the AGA leadership: Recently there has been some confusion about US representation in international tournaments. Please read this open letter to the AGA and post your thoughts.

Spring tournament April 3rd, 2008

Spring Tournament!! Click here for more details

November Tournament results March 15th, 2008

Many apologies about the lateness of this, but without further ado, the November Tournament Results!
Dan Division
1. Jerry Jaffe
2. Jin Chen
3. XingShao Liu
1-9 Kyu
1. Brian Kirby
2. Paul Schmalenberg
3. David Muskovitz
10-20 Kyu
1. Ben Chiang
2. Eric Chiang
3. Ryan Hendricks

Happy New Year! February 15th, 2008

A belated Happy New Year and Happy Lunar New Year! As usual, turnout at the club has been quite good. Take note of a couple upcoming events: go sessions at the Ann Arbor Libraries on the 24th and the 27th, as well as a table at a Cultural Fair on the 20th. Hope to see you there!

Tournament flyer November 19th, 2007

Here is the promised Tournament Flyer!

Winter tournament October 24th, 2007

We are having our Winter Go Tournament on December 1st!
Where: Michigan League, Koessler room
When: Registration from 9:30-10am. Last round ends at 4:00.
What: 5-round, AGA rated tournament
Who: You!
Details: Please e-mail our webmaster, Eric, if you think you will be coming. We will try to start the first round at 10:00am sharp, with 20 minutes basic time per game, and 5 byo-yomi periods of 45 seconds. Entry fee is $10, and prizes will go to top 3 in each division (dan, high kyu, low kyu). Coffee and tea will be available, and we will have a break for lunch (not provided). I will put a convenient to print pdf with maps and details here soon. Also, don't forget to swing by the Ann Arbor District librart on Sunday, October 28 from 2-3 to learn how to play go!

Good attendance lately October 8th, 2007

Club attendance has been great lately. Keep it up, everyone! We're regularly having about 12 people there, and sometimes as many as 21! Coming up in the next month there is a tournament in Pittsburgh as well as a demo at the Ann Arbor District Library - check out the calendar. Also, Jon has been putting together some great lectures .sgf's on the Resources page. Make sure to thank him if you like them!

Festifall table September 5th, 2007

Come check out our table at Festifall on the UM Diag tomorrow! Meet the players, join the go club, and get excited about your first meeting on Thursday night! The beginning of the semester is the best time to join. Bring your friends, tell your neighbors, see you there!

Congress results August 13, 2007

It's almost fall! We're back from the 2007 Go Congress (check out the pictures) and we're ready to rock!

Congress results:
Jin Chen - 12th place overall (379 people total, 65 were 5D and up) Jin also finished 14th in the North American Ing Masters Championship.
Jon Hop - 1st/36 (1 Dan)
Albert Guo - 7th/36 (1 Dan)
Eric Jankowski - 16th/36 (1 Dan)
Dave Frankel - 5th/17 (1 Kyu)
Bill Phillips - 7th/17(1 Kyu)
Mike Anuzis - 3rd/22 (2 Kyu)
Sean Langelier - 10th/22 (8 Kyu)
Grace Phillips - 3rd/4 (19 Kyu)

Ann Arbor fielded two 3-person teams in the Club Team tournament. Team 1 (Jin, Jon, Eric) won the first three rounds, advancing to the semifinals. Team 2 (Mike, Albert, Sean) lost in the 1st round and did not deserve their trip back home. Incidentally, if you accidentally drive East when you get onto I-76 near Lancaster, you will be going about 30 miles before you can turn around.