Optoelectronic Components and Materials Group

Prof. Stephen Forrest

Lasers and Optics

A CPA Series titanium saphire laser (upper) by Clark-MXR is used to pump a Light Conversion Topas-C two stage optical parametric amplifier (lower). This combination can produce coherent, ultrafast pulses of light over a continuum of wavelengths as selected by the user.

A Mira 900 ultrafast titanium saphire laser (lower)by Coherent provides illumination for a variety of optical measurements on organic thin films.

A Quanta Ray Nd-YAG laser provides intense, pulsed light for experiments.

A nitrogen laser is also available to provide pulsed ultraviolet light.

A streak camera measures time resolved light signals produced by ultrafast optical experiments.

A HeCd continuous wave laser and integrating sphere used for measuring the photoluminescence quantum yield of samples. The HeCd laser is also used as an excitation source for other steady state measurements, such as angular PL.

A pair of closed cycle He cooled cryostats used for low temperature optical measurements. They are set up to interface with many excitation sources and detectors for flexible use in experiments.

This angular photo luminescence setup, equipped with motorized rotation stage, polarizers, and a custom cylindrical lens, is used to determine the average orientation of emitter molecules in thin film samples.

A sealed vessel with an optical window allows optical measurements on organic thin films to be performed in an inert atmosphere.