Word Choice Buffet: All You Can Eat

Just how important is word choice? As the word choice section of this website illustrates, the way in which words are used can have a profound influence upon how they may be interpreted. Taking into consideration examples from the word choice section, rearrange the sentences below to actively experiment how choosing one word over another can make all the difference. After you have chosen new words for each sentence click on the go button and an explanation of the slant the new sentence might be leaning towards will appear. Each word is weighted and explanations will appear in relationship to the total number of “points” each sentence accumulates. Dive in!

Coalition Forces Begin Liberation of Iraq

Bloody Man Struggles with Holly Cops, Dies

with Holly ,

University Students Protest Affirmative Action


Butcher Tells U.S. - Come and Get Me

Come and Get Me

Follow Up Questions:

  1. Do the words that seem to have the greatest impact upon meaning have anything in common?
  2. Identify traits you would associate with objective word choice.
  3. Do you feel you could dispute any of the explanations? If so, why?