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McMath Telescope Training Sessions

On April 24, 2004 a group of Lowbrows participated in a training session. The purpose of this session was to practice operating the 24” McMath telescope at Peach Mountain Observatory.

Participants in Training Session

This photograph shows the participants in this training session.

Working on the Telescope in the Dark

One of the tasks participants practiced was the process of closing the observatory. When closing the observatory, the telescope is moved to the park position, eyepieces are removed and covers are placed over the optical surfaces. This is typically done late at night with only a few lights. To make the practice session more realistic, the roof was closed. The inside of the building was dark except for a few dim lights.

In this photograph, one of the participants, Denton Hoyer (left), is practicing putting the cover over the primary mirror. Another participant, Mark Rotenberg (center), and Observatory Directory Mike Radwick (right) look on.

Photo Credits

All photographs on this page were taken by Charlie Nielsen.

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