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Remote Astrophotography.

by Mark S Deprest
Printed in Reflections: December, 2009.

Since Clayton Kessler decided to show us what he does with his imaging set-up (see for example “Stepping up the Focal Length” by Clayton Kessler
December, 2009
, I thought I might show you some of the images I have taken over the past few years using remote / rental equipment. Through the internet to places around the world using the scopes and imaging equipment of Slooh (, MyTelescope ( and Global Rent A Scope ( I have taken over 500 images of astronomical objects like planets, galaxies, star cluster and comets. From mountain tops in the Canary Islands to the flat lands in southern Australia and from the deserted back country of New Brunswick, Canada to the high desert of New Mexico the following pictures are a brief sample of what can be done online with just a few mouse clicks:

The Flame Nebula

The Flame Nebula

IC 1295 / NGC 6712

IC 1295 / NGC 6712.

The Helix Nebula

NGC 1365

The Helix Nebula and NGC 1365 were taken with the Global Rent A Scope system.

Jupiter with Io and Europa

The image of Jupiter with Io and Europa was taken with the Slooh system.

Arp 319 (Stephan’s Quintette)

Arp 319 (Stephan’s Quintette) was done using the scopes & equipment of

Additional processing and labeling was done with Thumbs Plus 7.0


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