University Lowbrow Astronomers

The Further Adventures of Amateur Astronomers and Jr. Lowbrows.

by George W. Ferrier
Printed in Reflections: July, 2009.

The Moon #1

The Moon #2

We have not been able to do much observing over the last month due to the Tripod not working properly. The legs will not lock, so we spent the month studying the Moon. We worked with plaster and created craters using marbles, ping pong & golf balls. We also studied the phases of the Moon using a light and a large ball. We also spent time on SLOOH looking at the Moon and watching the terminator transit the lunar surface and looking at rays and craters. We are currently charting the Moon’s positions viewed from our neighborhood; the kids are tracking the position of the moon and its phase as seen from their homes. These are some of the pictures we snapped on SLOOH and we were able to do some identification some of the features.

(Editors note: Thank you George for these updates on the progress you and your little group have made we all remember our first tentative steps into the wonderful hobby and the pitfalls and issued we’ve experienced.)


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