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Invasion of the Lowbrows 2008.

by Mark S Deprest
Printed in Reflections: August, 2008.

In 2006 a number of University Lowbrow Astronomers made the long trek to the wilds of Potter County, PA and the annual Black Forest Star Party presented by the Central Pennsylvania Observers. That particular year the Lowbrows were represented very aptly by no less that 24 of its members. The Star Party turned out to be a bit of a wash out with regards to the weather and actual observing, however it was a rousing success in regards to the morale of all participants. I personally can not remember ever having such a great time “not observing”! Sitting in the middle of “Scope-Henge” laughing and telling stories with great friends!

Prior to that trip, Robert Wade came up with an idea that seems to becoming a tradition... that idea was for everyone to choose a couple of astronomical objects and create an observing list for the event. The items on the list could be challenging or easy “eye-candy” and everyone would try to complete the list during the Star Party. We did the same thing for the 2007 Okie-Tex Star Party and now the tradition is continuing for the 2008 Black Forest Star Party. Below is the list as compiled by Doug Scobel.

2008 BFSP / The Invasion of the Lowbrows II
An Observing List

Comet Boattini (C/2007 W1) cometsubmitted by Mark Deprest
Comet Boattini (C/2008 J1)cometsubmitted by Mark Deprest
NGC 246planetary nebulasubmitted by Chris Sarnecki
PK 47+42.1 (Abell 39)planetary nebulasubmitted by Chris Sarnecki
M33 (Pinwheel)unaided eye galaxysubmitted by Nathan Murphy
NGC 6822 (Barnard’s)galaxysubmitted by Nathan Murphy
PK 80-6.1 (Egg Nebula/Murphy’s Bane)planetary nebulasubmitted by Nathan Murphy
NGC 2237-2239 (Rosette)nebulaesubmitted by Yasu Inugi
Zodiacal Light submitted by Yasu Inugi
NGC 6960, 6992, 6995 (Veil) supernova remnant submitted by Lee Vincent
M31 (Andromeda)unaided eye galaxysubmitted by Lee Vincent
Stefan’s Quintet (NGC 7320 et. al.)galaxy clustersubmitted by Robert Wade
Abell 2151(Hercules cluster)galaxy clustersubmitted by Robert Wade
NGC 7000 (N. America)nebulasubmitted by Doug Scobel
Barnard 33 (Horsehead)dark nebulasubmitted by Doug Scobel
NGC 752 (BASS)clustersubmitted by Jim Forrester
NGC 6905 (Blue Flash)planetary nebulasubmitted by Jim Forrester
NGC 6334 (Cat’s Paw)nebulasubmitted by Yumi Inugi
NGC 7293 (Helix)planetary nebulasubmitted by Yumi Inugi
IC 342galaxysubmitted by Mike Radwick
Abell 426 (NGC 1275 et. al.)galaxy clustersubmitted by Mike Radwick


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