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Junior Lowbrows Update.

by George W. Ferrier
Printed in Reflections: July, 2008.

We were unable to do much because of the weather and due to the fact that school is out and people are pursuing other activities. I was able to give 4 members an assignment to complete in two weeks.

I had them to try and find 3 out of 5 features on the Lunar Surface, and all but two were able to accomplish this assignment, the Five were:

  1. Mare Tranquillitatis
  2. Tyco
  3. Fracastorius
  4. Copernicus
  5. Mare Nubium.

Then during the day when the Moon was visible I had them try to locate the location where APOLLO 11 landed.

We were also able to observe some Man-made Satellites Passing overhead. We were able to view Envisat, on June 16th going SE to W at 32° at 22:13 hrs also again at 23:53 hrs SSW to W at 32° and at 23:10hrs we watched Genesis pass at 52° from NNW to WSW.

I am still trying to figure out how to use the Telescope but we were able to view Mizor & Alcor and also Arcturus on Three Different occasions. Because of the sky clarity being Magnitude 2 most of our clear nights we have not done much viewing. We have been doing some studying about our Universe and what it consists of and we talked about the life & death of stars and the difference between a Planet and a Star, also we talked about how the North Star changes during the years.


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