University Lowbrow Astronomers

My Passion.

by Angelika Cardew
Printed in Reflections: February, 2007.

What do you see when you look in the sky at night,

Do you see the stars or do you see the unwritten history,

I see them burning their way through time with all their might,

And the stories they tell in all their mystery,

They tell us of stories of things long since past,

Of gods, warriors, battles, heroes and fanatic beasts,

The need for these tales is gone but they still last,

They are now there for your eyes to feast,

While eyes are feasting I am searching, looking and finding,

For the things that eyes do not see, things that might not be,

I find myself so far back in the beginning winding,

My way though history just so I can see,

How and why it begin, in all it’s wonderful mystery,

That is my dream, my passion to work my way though history.


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