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Notes for Sarah Mills

Research Notes:

"The bible that originally belonged to Sarah Milles's family was passed down to this Sarah Mills when she married Daniel Coate. I say this because at the beginning of the last section of her bible, which is a collection of psalms put into meter (or song), it states "Sarah Moor her Book God give her grace ther into Look for whan the Belles". On the side of this page is also handwritten, "Sarah Moor Whiton may 27 1740". From this I am assuming that Sarah Milles's mother was named Sarah Moor until she married a Whiton and then married a Milles before she had Sarah Milles in 1745. A second theory is that her grandmother was named Sarah Moor before she married a Whiton, and she gave her bible to Sarah Milles when she married Daniel Coate. In an earlier spot that is bookmarked in the bible, a likely sister of Sarah's is written "In the year of our Lord 1742 10 month 3 day then was boarnd Rosana Milles" (and further down), "William Wilson" In the page before the New Testament starts it states "In the year of our Lord 1745 9 month 20 day then was bornd Sarah Milles." Earlier in the book in front of the beginning of the Old Testament the following information is given about her "Sarah Coate wife of Dal Coate was Born the 20th of November in the year of our Lord 1745". This dating pattern suggests that Sarah Milles parents were Quakers when she was born as her original birth record in the bible lists the date as 9th month which was the Quaker format in that time period for a November birth date. In the end flaps of the book there is definitely writing, but it doesn't make sense as essential words have faded over the years. Here is what is readable in 2004 when the bible is almost 400 years old, on the front inside cover it states "Sarah Milles in the Year of our Lord … Sarah Coate Daniel Coate", and on the back inside flap it states "Ard(h) Ca(yre) his book 1766, Job 22, 19th Varse," on side of back page it states "Joshua" "Joshua" "Joshua", upside down from that it says Joseph." The bible's earliest date that it was hand written in was 1678. The following scribblings which look like someone learning to write his name are on the page after the title page for the New Testament. They read "William Hill (Hanr) Ha(url) Anno 1678 William Andand (A ) (A ) O W William J II." In the page before the concordance of the bible in hand writing it says "Ambros hands and Ambros R was Ambros hand (at least that is sure what it looks like.)" [1]


[1] Linda Coate, Coate research website, citing Sarah Milles Coate Bible (Printed by Robert Barker, Printer to the King most Excellent Majesty, London, England, c. 1608/1609), [URL].