Janet and Robert Wolfe Genealogy

Edward of Norwich

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Ancestors of Edward of Norwich

            ┌─Edward I King of England ⇒

         ┌─Edward II King of England 

         │  └─Eleanor of Castile ⇒

      ┌─Edward III King of England 

      │  │  ┌─Phillip IV the Fair King of France ⇒

      │  └─Isabella of France 

      │     └─Joan I of Navarre ⇒

   ┌─Edmund of Langley 

   │  │     ┌─John II of Avesnes Count of Hainaut ⇒

   │  │  ┌─William I Count of Hainaut 

   │  │  │  └─Philippa of Luxembourg ⇒

   │  └─Philippa of Hainault 

   │     │  ┌─Charles of Valois ⇒

   │     └─Joan of Valois 

   │        └─Margaret Countess of Anjou ⇒

 Edward of Norwich 

   │  ┌─Peter King of Castile 

   └─Isabella of Castile 

      │  ┌─Juan Garcia de Padilla 

      └─Maria de Padilla 

         └─Maria Gonzalez de Henestrosa