About our product

The Game Modes

Once you launch the game, there are two modes to choose from. These modes are specifically designed to allow the user to set their preferences and get playing!


Our interactive tutorial helps you setup your drumset to be accessible. After testing your range of motion, the drums will appear in reach and you're ready to get started.


Once the drums are setup, you're ready to play! Choose a song and hit the proper notes at the right time to play along.

Key Features

drummvr is specifically designed for individuals with muscular dystrophy. Explore how our accessible interface makes it easy for anyone to play, regardless of strength or range of motion.

Placing drums

Our calibration tutorial allows users to reach out and place drums in the air with ease. You can run the tutorial whenever, so as your range of motion and flexibility change over time, you can setup the set in a way that works for you! drummvr also allows for seated or standing play.

Pick-up sticks

Once you're set up, it's time to grab the drumsticks. drummvr locks the sticks in a fixed position, reducing the fine motor skills required to properly place them in your hand. And, if you drop them on accident, they will reappear in reach with the push of a button.


Ready to play some music? Our rhythm component shows you exactly when to play each drum to play along with the backing track. Making multiple well-timed hits earns you combo points!


Choose from one of several familiar songs to begin playing. No matter what genre you prefer, we have a song you'll love!

Therapy Applications

One of the primary goals of our team at Studio7 was to develop a product that could be used to encourage exercise in a fun and novel way. Who says physical therapy has to be boring?

When calibrating the drumset during the tutorial, therapists and patients can work together to find ideal placements for each drum that encourage a broad range of motion and provide a stimulating challenge. The built-in dynamics system also tests fine motor skills when drumming quietly as well as power when drumming loudly. With a specialized treatment plan from a medical professional, drummvr can revolutionize physical therapy for the better.

Therapists can also take advantage of these additional components when prescribing treatment:

Drum resize

Want to encourage precise movements? With the ability to resize each drum individually, drummvr allows for exact setups. Make a drum smaller to encourage movement to a specific place, or larger to allow for more room for error.

Set minimum force

In order to ensure a user hits the drum hard enough to meet their exercise goal, each drum can have its minimum required force set during calibration. When playing, a drum that is not hit hard enough will show a different color to indicate the force was under the desired threshold.

Dynamic gameplay

One of the best parts of a VR drum game is that it requires no impact. drummvr reads the speed at which your hand is moving to tune the volume of the drum hit, removing the limitation of muscular strength.


With our on-screen tracker, it is easy to measure how many of the intended movements were made on time and track combos for more complex exercises. Setting measurable goals and determining progress to them could not be easier!