About Us
E-mail: maxpow@umich.edu

Max Powers is a PhD candidate from the Department of Material Science at the University of Michigan. A native of the Upper Peninsula and Upstate New York, attending University of Michigan is a Midwestern homecoming for Max. Prior to Michigan, he graduated from MIT with a majoring in Material Science and minoring in Political Science and History. He spent two years working as an offshore oilfield engineer out of Ciudad del Carmen,Mexico and Latin America performing tubing conveyed perforations and drill-stem tests with some work on well completions. His current research focus is on immiscible alloy systems and their pronounced mechnical properties under specific loading conditions. His original interest in consulting came from being a finalist in the 2017 PWC Case Competion held at the Ross School of Business. Besides work and research, Max enjoys reading, classical plays, and playing rugby for the town team of Ann Arbor.

VP of Public Relations
E-mail: yunboliu@umich.edu

Yunbo Liu is a PhD candidate from the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree from UCLA and Master’s degree from University of Washington. His research focuses on plasmonic nanoparticle imaging and manipulation in biological environment. He became interested in consulting after solving a couple of cases himself and had fun trying to come up with creative yet realistic solutions. In his spare time he likes backpacking, cycling and working on cars. The latter also prompted him to found ARCC, a club dedicated to helping students with affordable car repair/maintenance resources.

VP of Treasury
Email: minjujin@umich.edu

Minjun Jin is a Ph.D. candidate from the Department of Biophysics at the University of Michigan. Prior to that, she also got a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry with the highest honor at UMich. She has spent a quite long time in Ann Arbor. Minjun’s current research focuses on the robustness of the central cell cycle circuit (cyclinB-CDK1) in early embryonic development, for understanding how early cell divisions are tightly regulated from a system biology perspective. Her original interest in consulting came from a part-time assistant job in the Monitor Deloitte Shanghai office and enjoyed the process of utilizing her knowledge and analytical skills to help clients solve problems in reality with some immediate impacts. Early this year, Minjun also interns in an investment company to gain an in-depth understanding of business. She completed corporate profiling and due diligence on a few biotech and pharmaceutical companies. In her leisure time, she likes Zumba, crime shows, traveling, puzzles, and LEGO.

VP of Events & Organization
E-mail: vlahiri@umich.edu

Vik hails from the charming city of Kolkata in India, where he obtained his undergraduate degree in Biotechnology. During his junior year, Vik completed an undergraduate research fellowship at the University of Michigan which convinced him to come back for a PhD. Currently affiliated to the Life Sciences Institute and the Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Vik is studying how cells survive starvation via a process of regulated self-eating called autophagy. His research focuses on understanding how the regulation is implemented at the level of molecules such as RNA and proteins. Vik’s interest in consulting stems from the desire to use his understanding of biology to aid biomedical development and to see immediate impact from his intellectual contributions. Interestingly, his consulting journey started with MGCC and the Midwest Case Competition. Outside of his research, Vik loves to read fiction, play soccer, and lift weights at the gym. Vik has two left feet, but will dance without hesitation.