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E-mail: minjujin@umich.edu

Minjun Jin is a Ph.D. candidate from the Department of Biophysics at the University of Michigan. Prior to that, she also got a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry with the highest honor at UMich. She has spent a quite long time in Ann Arbor. Minjun’s current research focuses on the robustness of the central cell cycle circuit (cyclinB-CDK1) in early embryonic development, for understanding how early cell divisions are tightly regulated from a system biology perspective. Her original interest in consulting came from a part-time assistant job in the Monitor Deloitte Shanghai office and enjoyed the process of utilizing her knowledge and analytical skills to help clients solve problems in reality with some immediate impacts. Early this year, Minjun also interns in an investment company to gain an in-depth understanding of business. She completed corporate profiling and due diligence on a few biotech and pharmaceutical companies. In her leisure time, she likes Zumba, crime shows, traveling, puzzles, and LEGO.

VP of Events & Organization
E-mail: singhsid@umich.edu

I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Political Economy at the University of Michigan. My research explores the circumstances within which public-private partnerships in the United States and Canada help minority-owned businesses overcome the investment gap that so frequently hampers their growth. In my spare time, I conduct due diligence, market research, and competitor analysis for Mercury Fund, a $300M venture capital fund based in Houston, Texas. Previously, I was deeply embedded in the startup ecosystem in Toronto, Canada. I worked first as an Investor Relations Executive (raising money for a post-seed retail-tech startup) and, then, as Manager of Business Development & Operations (helping angel investors find, evaluate, and invest in pre-seed and seed-stage startups catering to various industry verticals).

VP of Public Relations
Email: xinyul@umich.edu

Xinyu is a Ph.D. candidate from the Technology & Operations Department at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. Xinyu’s current research focuses on healthcare operations, consumer behavior, and the global supply chain. She designed field experiments, econometric analyses, and optimization models to provide insights into a firm’s pricing, demand forecast, and supply chain decisions. She worked with leading pharmacy retailers and scholars from Michigan Medicine to study pharmaceutical chains, drug effectiveness, and insurance payment model design. Her interests in consulting stem from her past practice experiences in consulting firms like McKinsey, Deloitte Consulting and IQVIA and research projects that facilitate the firm’s business decisions. She enjoyed leveraging her knowledge in business and empirical methods to promote informed decisions in consulting and working collaboratively. She is passionate about hiking and performing arts. She is an active drama & musical director and actress.

VP of Professional Development
E-mail: kshaik@umich.edu

Kamal Shaik is a Masters student in Industrial and Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan. Before coming to the US to pursue his Masters, Kamal completed his undergraduate degree in 2018 from the National Institute of Technology, Nagpur in India. After graduating in Chemical Engineering, Kamal worked with Reliance Industries Limited as a Process Engineer until 2019. Following that, owing to his interest in Analytics, Kamal joined ZS Associates as an Associate in their Business Consulting division. Working in the field of healthcare consulting with Big-Pharma clients for 2 years, Kamal gained expertise in various aspects of Supply Chain Optimization and Machine Learning Forecasting. His time at ZS was a formative experience and heavily informs his decision to continue working in the field of consulting. In his leisure time, Kamal likes to play badminton, go on long walks, indulge in movies and explore new places. Kamal is also a passionate animal lover and likes being involved in animal welfare activities.

VP of Finance
Email: spadma@umich.edu

I'm Shree Padma, a graduate student in the Molecular, cellular and developmental biology program. As a PhD student in Daniel Klionsky's lab, I study a cellular recycling pathway called autophagy. Specifically, my thesis focuses on identification of translational regulators of autophagy. Apart from my research, I'm enjoy participating in case competitions, travelling and learning new hobbies.

VP of Events & Organization
E-mail: vlahiri@umich.edu

Vik hails from the charming city of Kolkata in India, where he obtained his undergraduate degree in Biotechnology. During his junior year, Vik completed an undergraduate research fellowship at the University of Michigan which convinced him to come back for a PhD. Currently affiliated to the Life Sciences Institute and the Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Vik is studying how cells survive starvation via a process of regulated self-eating called autophagy. His research focuses on understanding how the regulation is implemented at the level of molecules such as RNA and proteins. Vik’s interest in consulting stems from the desire to use his understanding of biology to aid biomedical development and to see immediate impact from his intellectual contributions. Interestingly, his consulting journey started with MGCC and the Midwest Case Competition. Outside of his research, Vik loves to read fiction, play soccer, and lift weights at the gym. Vik has two left feet, but will dance without hesitation.