9th Annual Midwest Case Competition (Virtual)

Michigan Graduate Consulting Club (MGCC) presents the 2022 Annual Midwest Case Competition for all graduate students (Ph.D., non-MBA Master, post-doc, MD, JD, and PharmD, etc) in the Midwest region. You will be working in a team of 2-5 to solve a real business problem to win a $2000 prize and hone your skills to excel in the consulting world. To register for the case competition, please visit our registration page. Only team registration is accepted, but we also provide a teaming page for those of you who want to find your teammates. We also have a team build-up session on Monday March 7th, for those who would like to meet with other prospective participants before finalizing the team.

Important Dates:

  1. Team build-up session: Monday, March 7th 6:00-7:00 pm EST. Zoom room: 96857126648
  2. Register teams by Thursday, March 9th 11:59 pm EST.
  3. Case problem distributed to teams via email by Friday, March 11th 5:00 pm EST.
  4. Case response submission is due by Friday, March 18th 5:00 pm EST.
  5. First round presentation (recording) on Saturday, March 19th 9:45 am-noon EST.
  6. Final round presentation (live) on Saturday, March 19th noon EST.

Competition Rules:

  1. Team size is limited between 2 to 5 group members; each team must include at least 1 graduate student (PhDs, MDs, JDs, Post-Doc, or non-MBA master).
  2. The competition does not require any specialty knowledge and it is open to all majors.
  3. No faculty/advisor support.
    1. Deliverables:

      1. First round submission: 12-15 pages decks + 15-min presentation recording
      2. Final round presentation: 15-minute live presentation
      3. For presentations on March 19th, not all the students are required to be present, though full team participation is highly encouraged.
      4. The first round presentation includes presentation recording + a short Q&A session; the final round presentation includes a live presentation session + Q&A session.

      For any questions regarding the competition, please contact Xinyu Liang (

An Evening with Michigan's Future Consultants

Michigan Graduate Consulting Club (MGCC) presents a social event “An Evening with Michigan’s Future Consultants” for all graduate students at Michigan. This event will be hosted in the Vinology Bubble Room (110 S Main St, Ann Arbor MI, 48104) at 6-8 pm, November 9th, 2021. You will have a chance to talk with offerees from top consulting firms, and it will be a great opportunity to get a comprehensive understanding of consulting.

Building Your Consulting Network and Resume
Donald Beckwith

This event is presented by Donald Beckwith from the University Career Center. Don has extensive experience in consulting recruitment and resume tailoring. He will share his understanding and tips on building your own consulting network and resume.

Donald Beckwith
Career Coach at University Career Center
Transferable Skills to a Consulting Career
Scott Phillips

The event is comprised by a seminar/discussion presented by Scott Phillips and a kick-off event for the biweekly case practice in 2019. Our guest speaker, Scott, is a veteran of product innovation, business development, marketing strategy and entrepreneurship. He has experience across many industries and has held leadership positions with Whirlpool Corporation, Fortune Brands and Burger King Corporation. As a founder and director of several consulting firms before joining the Economic Growth Institue at UofM, Scott shared his insights on the skills that are transferable from academic research to a consulting career.

Scott Phillips
Senior Project Manager at The Economic Growth Institue at UM
Corporate Job v.s. Consulting Career
Brian Christian

Brian got his bachelor's degree of science in Chemical Engineering from UM and an MBA from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business. He started his career as a project manager at PwC, then became the vice president of Global Product Development at Whirlpool Corporation. In 2006, Brian started his own consulting firm in Ann Arbor, the Inovo Group, aiming to create strategic, technology-enabled innovation for clients. Brian shared his personal experience and opinions on a career choice between corporate jobs and consulting jobs.

Brian Christian
Co-founder & Managing Partner of the Inovo Group