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Meteorological Analysis Laboratory  
 Dr. Frank Marsik (marsik@umich.edu), Fall Terms, MWF 1:30 to 3:30 PM



The study of meteorology and climate at the University of Michigan dates back to the 1850’s.  These early studies in meteorology and climate were focused on the application of this knowledge to the areas of agriculture and maritime shipping, both of which were important economic sectors.  Since that time, the development of a fundamental understanding of meteorology/weather prediction and climate has proven to be important in relation to a number of newer disciplines, including aviation, evironmental engineering and hydrology.

The objective of this course will be to develop the skills and understanding necessary to:

  1. Objectively analyze and interpret conventional weather observations, using this information to determine the thermodynamic state of the lower atmosphere.
  2. Integrate knowledge obtained from prerequisite courses, to objectively analyze current atmospheric conditions and the output from numerical weather models to forecast changes in the thermodynamic state of the lower atmospheric.
Apply resulting knowledge to the areas of large-scale general circulation, synoptic-scale weather prediction, as well as air-pollution transport, dispersion and deposition.

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