1. The most appropriate term for your future spouse is

a. Teacher

b. Companion

c. Lover

 d. Benefactor


2. The factor most important in your selection of your  future spouse is that he is

 a. A good father

 b. Kind

 c. Handsome

 d. Rich


3. The most important characteristic of a wife is that  she is

a. Subservient to her husband

b. Good comforter/listener

c. Beautiful

d. Has good taste and is proficient in the womanly arts of dancing, singing, painting, and letter-writing

4. The most important man in your life is

 a. Your father

b. Your brother

 c. Your future spouse

 d. Your Uncle James, the baronet who left  a  large portion of his fortune to you in his will


5. If you could change one thing about marriage in our society, it would be

a. More women realize the importance of complying with their husbands' wishes

b. Upper class women should not be looked down upon for marrying lower class men

c. Premarital sex is acceptable

d. Women are not expected to have children

6.What excites you most about your upcoming nuptials?

a. Escaping from the watchful eye of your    parents

b. Having children

c. Having sex

d. Obtaining access to your future spouse's   fortune


7. What excites you least about your upcoming marriage?

a. Being in charge of the affairs of a large household

b. Leaving the comfort of the family circle

c. Boredom with the daily routine of married life

d. Your future spouse

8.Your worst nightmare is

a. Losing that "precious jewel" (virginity) before marriage -- and your father finding out

b. Your future spouse having an extramarital affair

c. Being pressured into marrying someone you don't love

d. Becoming a poor old maid


9. Your relationship with your spouse is most like

a. Your weekly obligatory visits with the vicar's wife, Mrs. Primrose, who lectures you on how to perform  your new wifely duties

b. A quiet evening spent reading a good book in front of the fire

c. A Christmas ball with plenty of dancing and merry-making

d. Your annual winter visits to Aunt Mary in London, who enjoys paying for at least three new spring gowns to be made for you, of the finest silks, of course

10. Which of the following descriptions best fits your father?

a. An intimidating man whose often violent temper sends his family scurrying to hide in remote regions of the house

b. A kind, gentle man, content spending the evening in the peaceful company of his family

c. A passionate man who fights hard for what he believes in , even if his beliefs are controversial

d. A passive man, who knows well enough to do what his wife tells him to do


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Mostly A's: Looking for a Guide

If you scored mostly A's, you are looking for a man who can take the place of your father. You need a man who can act as a teacher and guide, helping to form your opinions, tastes, and ideas.  You will look to your future spouse for advice on all matters, as he usually knows best, just like your father. You have probably experienced a great deal of parental pressure in choosing your spouse.

Mostly B's: Looking for a Companion and a Happy Domestic Circle

You enjoy spending time with your family and cannot wait to start one of your own.  You are looking for a man who can be a supportive and instructive father, but who also acts as your friend.  You will enjoy conversing with your husband over breakfast and tea, and will mourn when he has to go on trips without you.  You probably feel that it is your duty to society to marry well and raise children, to provide our great state with a new generation of well-educated, genteel citizens.

Mostly C's:  Driven by Desire: The marriage of Love and Lust

You feel a deep and passionate love for your future spouse, and cannot wait to express this passion physically.  One problem you could possibly face is that the man you are in love with is not from a genteel station in life. You believe that love is more important than money or your family's approval. You crave excitement, and hope that your marriage will be just as exciting as your courtship has been. Good luck.

Mostly D's: Looking for Wealth and Status

You realize the importance of marrying well to maintain your high social standing, as well as to continue enjoying the comforts of your father's home. You are practical and can hear opportunity when it come knocking. You realize that women do not have many economic opportunities, especially women of your class. You know that passion is not a major factor in your decision to marry, but feel that financial security is more important - who wants to become a (Ugh!) poor old maid?


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