Let's Go Back in Time!

Take a trip back to the period when your grandmother and mother were married, before the Marriage Act of 1753.

Hear What a Gentleman Has To Say

A gentleman's perspective on relationships, sex, and marriage.

Clandestine Marriages and More!

Clandestine marriages may have a romantic appeal, but the consequences could be disastrous.

A brief letter to young English gentlewomen on the importance of behaving with modesty and virtue upon entering a blessed union of marriage.

Our Very Own Conduct Manual

The Marriage Act of 1753: What? Why? How has this important act changed the way we view marriage?

Marriage and Law Collide

Experiencing cold feet? Relax and enjoy your last days of maidenhood as you peruse our guide of what to expect at your wedding.

Are you ready to walk down the aisle?


Money, Love, or Opportunity?

Are you marrying for love or money?

The Marriage Act Has Its Effects

Religion's Role: Disputes within the Church of England about the Marriage Act of 1753.

Get Ready to Test Yourself!

Fun Quiz: Find out why you want to get married - You might be surprised!

Be aware of some of the problems that couples face after marriage and learn ways to combat these problems before they start.

Avoid Problems with Marriage

Look your best on the big day! Check out the latest fashions for the happy couple.

 Take a peak at some upcoming fashions...

Past, Present, and Future...take a virtual walk through your marriage, beginning the day you met your future husband and ending with the loving family that you will create with your new husband!

Take a Stroll Down the Aisle

Are you lucky in love?

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