Matzger Research Group

October, 2022: Welcome to the lab news roundup! We would like to congratulate Cassidy Carey, Faridat Agboola, and Hochul Woo for joining the lab. We also are happy to welcome Nick Tomalia and Sudipta Mondal who are rotating with us this semester. Additionally, we are proud to announce the successful defenses of Dr. Michael Bellas and Dr. Taylor Bramlett!

September, 2021: A belated huzzah to Shelby Nicolau and Andrew Bennett for joining the Matzger lab! We are also happy to welcome Hochul Woo to the Matzger lab! Additionally, we are happy to welcome Xuhong Chen for a rotation in the lab. We hope you enjoy it!

Pharmaceutical Solid Forms Metal–Organic Frameworks Energetic Materials

Updated November 2020