Matzger Research Group

September, 2021: A belated huzzah to Shelby Nicolau and Andrew Bennett for joining the Matzger lab! We are also happy to welcome Hochul Woo to the Matzger lab! Additionally, we are happy to welcome Xuhong Chen for a rotation in the lab. We hope you enjoy it!

January, 2021: Welcome rotation students Shelby Nicolau and Andrew Bennett to the Matzger group!

Energetic Materials

Desirable properties in energetic materials include high density, thermal stability, low hygroscopicity, and low sensitivity; these properties and others are correlated to the crystalline order of the material in the solid state. Cocrystallization, the combination of two or more compounds in the solid state with a defined order and stoichiometry, affords the opportunity to rationally design novel energetics with improved properties and without the challenges and uncertainty of traditional synthesis pathways. Work in this area is fundamental to understanding how interactions in the solid-state manifest in physical properties and will inform the design of myriad future materials ranging from safer air-bag gas generators to more efficient and environmentally benign rocket boosters.

Recent Publications

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Landenberger, K. B.; Bolton, O.; Matzger, A. J. "Energetic-Energetic Cocrystals of Diacetone Diperoxide (DADP): Dramatic and Divergent Sensitivity Modifications via Cocrystallization" J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2015, 137, 5074-5079 (online)

Updated January 2021