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Cinema is a very important aspect of American culture. Film is a venue that provides thoughts, ideas, and emotions to a huge public audience. It is a way to communicate and share new ideas and stories. It has the ability to transcend time and space and bring an audience to a different world that they have never seen before. However, there are many implications that come with that kind of representation. Our website acknowledges these implications and relates it to Modern Latino Cinema. The aim of this website is to explore Latino Cinema in modern day society. It provides a brief history of Latino Cinema, past and present representations of Latinos in Hollywood films, and how Latinos are affecting the screen today. It also features three films of three prominent Latino directors- Robert Rodriguez, Alejandro Gonzalez, and Alfonzo Cuaron. With each director there is a brief biography of his career, commentary on how he includes or excludes Latino themes in the featured film, and an overall review of each film. We hope that you enjoy our webpage.



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