Other stuff I do

I spend a lot of time playing ultimate frisbee. Most recently I played with Pixel, a mixed club team in Detroit, MI. In past years I played with Moontower, a mixed team in Austin, TX. I also played for one year on TUFF, the University of Texas men's team, and for four years on Süperfly, the Yale college men's team.

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In grad school I also co-organized the University of Texas math department's IM ultimate team, SO(2). We won the intramural championship on April 14, 2022 (incidentally, the same day that I defended my PhD thesis.)

Back in 2017 I wrote some articles for the team on basic frisbee strategy.

Sometimes I also work on small programming projects. You can see a few of them on my GitHub.

My friends and I sometimes read short stories together! Neža Žager Korenjak is our main organizer and keeps a list of the stories we've read in our club so far. Casandra Monroe also keeps a list (also featuring song pairings for each story).