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netatalk is an implementation of the AppleTalk Protocol Suite for Unix systems. The current release contains support for EtherTalk Phase I and II, DDP, RTMP, NBP, ZIP, AEP, ATP, PAP, ASP, and AFP.

DDP is in the kernel. atalkd implements RTMP, NBP, ZIP, and AEP. It is the AppleTalk equivalent of Unix routed and ifconfig. There is also a client-stub library for NBP. ATP and ASP are implemented as libraries. papd allows Macs to spool to lpd or a pipe, and pap allows Unix machines to print to AppleTalk connected printers. psf is a PostScript printer filter for lpd, designed to use pap. psorder is a PostScript reverser, called by psf to reverse pages printed to face-up stacking printers. afpd provides Macs with an interface to the Unix file system. Refer to the appropriate man pages for operational information.

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